Perhaps the most concise way to describe my path through life is to say that I have a deep interest in how people think and how society works, where I aim to experience it from the inside but also analyze it from the outside. The overwhelming majority of people who are successful in everyday life haven’t taken the time to delve into philosophical analysis, and nearly all people who have spent years thinking through the most fundamental issues of epistemology and other philosophical subjects live such unusual lives that they can’t be expected to have a deep understanding of how society works, given that society is populated largely by people who embody the sort of normality that they have long since lost. Now, while I fit the pattern of an individual who was drawn to philosophy in his youth due to not fitting into the social landscape, developing a major case of depression, and so forth; this notwithstanding, alongside my intellectual character I’ve always had a yearning for a normal life, and over the past 15+ years I’ve leveraged a deep study of psychology and physiology to cure myself of most of the problems that originally cast me out of the normal flow of society and made me into the detached analyst that I am today. My objective, then, is to defy the tendency that I pointed out in the second sentence, and instead get the best of both worlds: I intend to acquire the experiential data that can be had only by those who fit into normal society, but then create models of that data which can only be created by those who have taken a clean step outside of the system. The highest form of this ideal that I’ve seen so far is the famous 18th-century philosopher David Hume.

To oversimplify, I could say that my main interests are the psychology and sociology of food, sex, and language, supported by a deep analysis of the epistemological considerations involved. I also have a strong interest in the form of economic theory best exemplified by the greats Ludwig von Mises and F. A. Hayek, as it’s the closest I’ve seen to the type of intellectual work that I wish to produce, although (again to oversimplify) it’s about money rather than food, sex, or language. As per the tagline of this blog, I intend to apply abstruse analysis to everyday life; and as per the title my goal is for the analysis to be practical. Experiencing as an emotionally invested member of normal life, and analyzing as a detached outsider the patterns involved, I take the everyday phenomena of food, sex, and language, and apply to these aspects of human life the analytical tools best illustrated by the three thinkers I’ve already mentioned: Hume, Mises, and Hayek. And to elaborate, I could point out a few major areas that I’m interested in: (1) how the use of food, drinks, and other substances are a key aspect of the structure of civilization, (2) how the forces of cultural evolution create sexual norms which have a certain function for the maintenance and furtherance of civilization, and (3) how the primitive nature of natural language leads to systematic errors in communication and reasoning. All of these endeavors of mine, and others, are tuned for practical utility; they form an analytical body of theory which can be used to generate hypotheses about how to make proper decisions in one’s own life, and how people could perhaps steer society in a better direction.